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Smile Ball™ : try not to laugh !

Smile Ball™ : try not to laugh !

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Do you have an energetic dog jumping everywhere ? Do you want to spend more FUN time with him ? Let me share my story with you...

Last year, I found a new job but I was always coming at home late, spending less time with my woofy boy. I noticed he was more and more excited, with so much energy to burn, waiting for me all day.

I had to find something for him...and for me. And guess what, all this amount of energy has been set free with this Smile ball™. Today, we have so much fun together !


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Best time ever with your dog

Just imagine your dog with this smile in his mouth, is it not hilarious ? And guess what, it's a squeaky ball, your dog will enjoy it. He will also love to chew, fetch and play. Even in the water, yes, the Smile Ball™ floats nicely on it for easy fetching.

Healthy for your Dog

Soft toy, lightweight and non-toxic, it's easy for dogs to carry around in the mouth. Because of its 7.5cm diameter, it fits in his mouth and in your pocket.

Easy to play and stay healthy

Like me and my Charly, you will love to play with your dog and the Smile ball™. It’s perfect to burn his excess of energy and because it’s made of PVC, it’s 100% safe for him.

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